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Tuesday 21 January

Day 2

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Keynote Presentation
8:30 AM Transcendency

Don Linsenmann , VP Business Process Excellence and Corporate Six Sigma Champion, DuPont

Don Linsenmann, DuPont’s VP of Business Process Excellence, will explore the provocation of the Next Generation of Process Excellence.
Don was appointed DuPont’s first and only Corporate Six Sigma Champion in January 1999. He has presented at several international conferences on the topic of Six Sigma by reflecting on DuPont’s journey.  While DuPont began their Corporate initiative through the Six Sigma lens, it has morphed several times into its current state. While he has co-authored the “Six Sigma Fieldbook “with Dr. Mikel Harry, he was also part of Dr. Michael Hammer’s Phoenix Group on Process Excellence.

You may remember Don from his presentations comparing the corporate journey to various puzzles including the Rubik’s Cube™ and Jenga Blocks™.  While each of these comparisons illuminated an aspect of DuPont’s journey, they may have not demonstrated the over-arching goal of the journey.
Don will focus on the needed adaptability in the process excellence space to ensure alignment and relevance to the corporate strategy.
The convergence of the various dimensions such as Six Sigma, Lean and Business Process Management will be reviewed.
He will share his views on the next generation of process excellence as he introduces the thought of transcendency.

Don Linsenmann
VP Business Process Excellence and Corporate Six Sigma Champion

Keynote Presentation
9:10 AM The Process Of Absolutely Everything!

Setrag Khoshafian , Chief Evangelist and VP of BPM Technology, Pegasystems Inc

Bruce Williams , VP of Manufacturing and High Technology, Pegasystems Inc

From smart phones and intelligent cars to smarthomes and intelligent products, the digitized and connected world is becoming a reality. This mass proliferation of connected "things" - sensing, communicating, and responding - is changing the very nature of business models and processes. How will you adapt to orchestrate the ways people and systems must interact with these "things" to meet your business objectives? How can you extend the methods and tools of continuous improvement to include this exponentially-increasing world of connected devices? Discover how innovations in intelligent systems and process solutions are enabling transformative changes in our businesses - and in our lives.
Setrag Khoshafian
Chief Evangelist and VP of BPM Technology
Pegasystems Inc
Bruce Williams
VP of Manufacturing and High Technology
Pegasystems Inc

Keynote Presentation
10:20 AM Leveraging Best Practices Across Global Markets To Drive Productivity

Melissa Alexander-Virga , Master Black Belt, Nielsen Global Data Acquisition Center of Excellence

David Ponraj , Black Belt for Global Data Acquisition, Nielsen

• Identifying performance gaps and potential improvement levers
• Developing country-specific solutions and bottom line impact
• Ensuring sustainability of global performance gains
Melissa Alexander-Virga
Master Black Belt
Nielsen Global Data Acquisition Center of Excellence
David Ponraj
Black Belt for Global Data Acquisition

11:45 AM The Journey To End To End Process Management To Achieve Process Excellence And Exceptional Results

Leslie Behnke , VP Process Improvement and Service Quality, TD Canada Trust

•    Establishing a Quality Delivery Model focusing on  speed, accuracy, cost and risk avoidance
•    Building the Foundation for Process Excellence: getting traction, changing the culture
•    Developing process expertise through a Lean Six sigma Center of Excellence
•    The journey to End to End process management

Leslie Behnke
VP Process Improvement and Service Quality
TD Canada Trust
Track Chair:
Maria Paula Oliviera
Independent Business Consultant
End-To-End Process Management
Track Chair:
Leo Shuster
Director, IT Architecture
Nationwide Insurance
Business Alignment Healthcare

1:30 PM Next Generation Operational Excellence And Lean For Service Businesses

Gerry Meegan , Head of Operational Excellence Manager GBS Europe & Eurasia, The Coca-Cola Company

Transferring operational excellence and lean methodologies into service units and businesses presents technical and personnel challenges. Despite these challenges, the results can be significant: increased efficacy, better core performance, improved service and bottom line, but detailed change management is required in order to successfully implement the new strategies, processes and technologies. Gerry is a Master Black Belt, currently heading the Coca-Cola Company’s move into lean for its shared services finance operations Europe & Eurasia. Gerry will talk about his experiences in applying lean methodology in a non-manufacturing environment and the opportunities that this next generation of business management presents.
Gerry Meegan
Head of Operational Excellence Manager GBS Europe & Eurasia
The Coca-Cola Company

End-To-End Process Management
1:30 PM The Shifting Expectations On Process Project Management: Away From The Tools, Towards The Real Results

Greg Flickinger , VP of Manufacturing and Corporate Engineering, Snyder's-Lance, Inc

There is a strong trend towards disambiguation of process methodologies, terms and tools, and towards a strong commitment to the end, business focused result. Performance success and sustainment results more from delivery and engagement of people than from following a regimented pathway where the process and tool are the focus. In this session learn more about what this shift in emphasis can mean for you.
•    Delinking common industry relationships and expectations
•    Implementing process systems that work specifically for the business drivers, rather than the operation of the tools
•    Driving towards a flexible and dynamic process approach focused on the engagement of people and development of a sustained improvement culture
•    Aligning your process programs to the top strategy rather than the methodological structure

Greg Flickinger
VP of Manufacturing and Corporate Engineering
Snyder's-Lance, Inc

Business Alignment
1:30 PM Changing How We Change: Keys to Businesses Transformation Success

Derinda Ehrlich , VP Global Operational Excellence, Avnet

Processes are a critical component in any business transformation initiative, but they are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to fundamentally changing the way a company does business. In this session, Lean Sigma Master Black Belt and Certified Change Management Expert Derinda Ehrlich will explore the intersection between process improvement, project management and change management, and how each of these components are needed to improve the success rate of business transformation initiatives.

Attendees will gain deeper insight on how to:

•    Ensure alignment between business strategies and business transformation initiatives
•    Secure and maintain executive sponsorship or “buy in”
•    Treat process improvement as a project, with a clear scope, schedule and budget
•    Plan beyond training, with communications, resistance management and coaching to achieve the desired outcome
•    Implement a change that “sticks” through recognition, metrics and feedback
Derinda Ehrlich
VP Global Operational Excellence

1:30 PM Apply Affordability to Strategic Cost Reduction in Hospitals

Grace Duffy , President, Management and Performance Systems

Grace will draw on her experience of working with a hospital in North Virginia to share possible solutions to the new national legislation, the  Patient Safety and Affordable Care Act. Grace will present this case study on how healthcare organizations can use a Lean Six Sigma approach to integrate with existing business process management.
•    What does affordability mean? What should the new model look like?
•    Affordability drivers and improvement approaches
•    Presenting a process model to proactively drive affordability

Grace Duffy
Management and Performance Systems

2:10 PM Financial Planning Process, Simplified

Darrell Jaggers , Chief Information Officer, Island Savings

David Arrowsmith , Senior Manager, Business Solutions, Island Savings

Island Savings Credit Union determined a simplified way was needed for any employee to converse with a member about their personal or business financial plan.   By leveraging K2 SmartForms technology, Island Savings has developed an effective and successful member-facing tool called Financial Snapshot to enable those conversations and provide consistency in process of identifying member needs.  Hear how Island Savings used the ingredients of technology, process and collaboration to maximize the financial planning relationship with members.

Led by experts from K2

Darrell Jaggers
Chief Information Officer
Island Savings
David Arrowsmith
Senior Manager, Business Solutions
Island Savings

End-To-End Process Management
2:10 PM Process Application Platforms For Today And Tomorrow

Jesse Shiah , CEO, AgilePoint

As companies start putting together their go forward IT strategy, process application platforms have changed the way apps are, and will be developed.  These next generation apps must be configurable with minimal need of scarce IT resources and empower the business to easily adapt to market demand, be accessible though multiple touch points (Cloud, Mobile, Social),  and support bi-directional end-user interaction with existing enterprise systems. 
In this session, we will highlight how AgilePoint’s BPM PaaS solution enables customers to modernization their IT infrastructure with cloud-based applications and reap the benefits of the cloud.  Our business-oriented development platform provides a collaborative environment where business users and IT can create these applications with little or no conventional programming effort. 

Jesse Shiah

Business Alignment
2:10 PM The Next Step: Automating Your Process Models To Achieve Bottom-Line Benefits

Eric Herness , IBM Smarter Process CTO, Distinguished Engineer and BPM Chief Architect, IBM

Understanding existing processes provides insight into how your business is working today.  Leveraging those insights to create a ‘To Be’ state sets the bar for tomorrow.  But until some version of the model is automated, executed and governed by a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS), maximum value will not be achieved.  In this session Eric Herness, IBM Smarter Process CTO, Distinguished Engineer and BPM Chief Architect outlines the requirements for continuous process improvement. He shares IBM's and customers' insights on when to first commit to process automation and how to use the full suite of capability for transformational process improvement. The critical steps needed by both Business and IT to achieve successful automation through continuous process improvement will be explained and the benefits of doing so will be made clear through actual customer success stories.

Eric Herness
IBM Smarter Process CTO, Distinguished Engineer and BPM Chief Architect

2:10 PM The Shop Floor Perspective: How Are Healthcare Professionals Responding To PEX Programs And Projects?

Dr. Tim Kubal , Physician and Fellow in Hematology, Moffitt Cancer Centre

In this session hear from a healthcare practitioner from one of the organizations implementing extensive PEX programs as a means to providing higher value service to customers.
•    What does adoption really look like?
•    What impact do PEX ideas, strategies and techniques have on healthcare work?
•    What makes some professionals more prepared to adopt new concepts than others?

Dr. Tim Kubal
Physician and Fellow in Hematology
Moffitt Cancer Centre

Solutions Insight Session 1
2:45 PM K2 Business Process Applications

Jason Trent , Technical Specialist, K2

K2 allows organizations to rapidly delivery business process apps – dramatically improving organization effectiveness and ROI. See how 1500 organizations have leveraged K2 to create and manage business critical applications.
Jason Trent
Technical Specialist

Solutions Insight Session 2
2:45 PM Controlling Risk & Compliance through Process Management

Peter Shields , CEO, BusinessPort Ltd.

This conference celebrates the need for safe and efficient business processes, and while we acknowledge that automation brings huge benefits to performance, human-centric processes integrated within a Business Management System provides an ideal framework to control Risk, maintain Compliance, and provide the highest level of organizational transparency for employees, ”Who does what, where and when” .

Peter will discuss the challenges, methodology and benefits of adopting a process approach across a global organization. This presentation is a must for all attendees who face the challenge of aligning their business processes across a disparate workforce.
Peter Shields
BusinessPort Ltd.

Solutions Insight Session 3
2:45 PM Oracle

Myrna Ramos , Senior Sales Consultant, Oracle

Myrna Ramos
Senior Sales Consultant

3:30 PM Intersecting Customer Touchpoints And Business Process Design: Transforming Customer Experience Via Business Processes

John Soley , Managing Partner, Major Oak Consulting

Lori Britt , Senior Vice President, Major Oak Consulting, LLC

Adam Golden , Managing Partner, Major Oak Consulting, LLC

Have you previously collected Customer Experience (or VOC) data but struggled to translate that into long term business process change? If so, you’re not alone.
In this session we will look at how customer experience maps enable us to translate customer touchpoint refinements into standardized, optimal business processes. This creates a win-win situation for you and your customer; where they get a company that’s easy to do business with, and you get consistent outcomes, efficient processing, lower costs and satisfied customers.

Session presented by Major Oak

John Soley
Managing Partner
Major Oak Consulting
Lori Britt
Senior Vice President
Major Oak Consulting, LLC
Adam Golden
Managing Partner
Major Oak Consulting, LLC

3:30 PM Optimized HR Service Delivery With Mercer Benefits Administration

Drew Payson , Principal, Mercer IT - Benefits Administration

There are unique challenges when deploying BPM in a large-scale, regulated environment that contains a mix of new and legacy systems with varied operational practices by line of business.  Join Drew Payson from Mercer’s Benefits Administration group as he shares details, challenges and lessons learned during their ongoing BPM implementations.
Drew Payson
Mercer IT - Benefits Administration

3:30 PM Lean Six Sigma: Panacea, Placebo or Pillar?

Jeff Rosenlund , Director, Business Development, Performance Solutions, Milliken

Phil McIntyre , Director, Business Development, Performance Solutions, Milliken

Keith Holliday , Director - Corporate Supply Chain & Logistics Excellence, Sonoco Products Company

Milliken & Company is a 147-year-old organization which has outlived its American competitors. The company’s success has direct links to its manufacturing and safety excellence—all part of its performance system. In today’s session, Phil explores the evolution of the Milliken Performance System and how Lean was factored into the system only after foundational work had been completed. He shares vital components of this foundational work and how Milliken was able to optimize results by initiating Lean and Six Sigma only when it could be fully supported by engaged work teams on stable equipment. Sonoco’s Keith Holliday will share results from Sonoco’s approach to adopting a strategic replica of Milliken’s Performance System. Together, their message is a ‘watch out’ for those who might initiate Lean or Six Sigma activities in a less-than-ideal environment.
Jeff Rosenlund
Director, Business Development, Performance Solutions
Phil McIntyre
Director, Business Development, Performance Solutions
Keith Holliday
Director - Corporate Supply Chain & Logistics Excellence
Sonoco Products Company

3:30 PM Achieving Value-Based Healthcare Quality From The Bottom Up: Applying Lean Six Sigma To Achieve Population Health Management Goals

Karen Handmaker , VP, Population Health Strategies, Phytel

Richard Hodach , Chief Medical Officer / VP Clinical Product Strategy, Phytel

Jerry Green , Vice President Of Quality, Phytel Inc

Primary care teams are rapidly evolving to manage populations and succeed under new value-based payment structures. Many practices are utilizing the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model and process improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma (L6S) as a roadmap to develop new care team roles and workflows.

High performance teams need actionable data and efficient ways to communicate with patients, specialists, facilities and other community services while implementing effective patient engagement strategies. However, without a L6S approach, the scale required to achieve population health management goals can be out of reach.

In this extended session, we will also engage the audience in applying L6S principles to important workflows in the primary care practice.
Karen Handmaker
VP, Population Health Strategies
Richard Hodach
Chief Medical Officer / VP Clinical Product Strategy
Jerry Green
Vice President Of Quality
Phytel Inc

4:10 PM Process Velocity. Why Speed Is The New Variable That Matters

Alessandro Laureani , Head of Global Operations Processes & Systems, Google AdWords

As the industry moves away from specific methodology silos and focuses on results aligned to the business, velocity and quality are the new measures of success. How are your programs and operations adapting? Find out more in this case study on how Google uses Process Excellence in its sales functions to:
•    Move faster through the project lifecycle to enable faster results, feedback and optimization
•    Drive results, not techniques or jargon, blending PEX methodologies
•    Structure teams and operations to support fast execution
Alessandro Laureani
Head of Global Operations Processes & Systems
Google AdWords

4:10 PM Elevating Expectations: How Can Process Management Support Business Needs And Success?

Greg Bussing , Director - Continuous Improvement, ConocoPhillips

There is a shift happening in the process space – understanding and adoption of process management is going mainstream, senior levels are keen to engage with process opportunities, and the perception is moving from cost  to value driven performance. Process improvement programs are increasingly aligning with the direction of the whole organization and now process is being used as a key enabler for that direction, not just support.
•    Strategy – how can process address the needs of the business?
•    Project selection – how to choose programs that have a direct impact on the business and have a high level of recognition
•    Governance – who and how should projects be managed to drive true organizational change?
•    Visibility – what is the best way to achieve demonstrate process successes?

Greg Bussing
Director - Continuous Improvement

Keynote Presentation
5:15 PM An Holistic Approach To Drive Wholly Different Performance

Martin D. Hynes III Ph.D. , Senior Director Product and Clinical Design, Development and Delivery, Lilly Research Laboratories

Developing new drugs as effective therapies can be lengthy, expensive and has a high degree of uncertainty. Yet this process has remained largely unchanged for the last half century.
Martin believes that the drug development process must change in order to bring new therapeutic agents to patients in a more timely and cost effective manner. Process improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean can be utilized to help reduce the cost as well as cycle time of the drug development. At Lilly Research Laboratories an extensive number of projects have been executed with this goal in mind. Those projects have been successful in accomplishing these goals with the framework provided by the charter.  Unfortunately, they have not impacted the overall cost or cycle time of bringing a new drug to patients in need.

So, after much analysis Lilly Research Laboratories are beginning to take a more holistic approach.  The goal of this new approach is to improve a given business process from start to finish, rather than working on segments of the process that are most problematic.  Today Martin will present this journey, describing the key milestones results achieved to date.
Martin D. Hynes III Ph.D.
Senior Director Product and Clinical Design, Development and Delivery
Lilly Research Laboratories