January 23 - 25, 2017 - Hilton Orlando, Orlando, Florida

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Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsorship Opportunity

Your #1 OPEX Event

This year’s PEX Week theme is: ‘Aligning strategy with operational excellence to drive sustainable, enterprise-wide transformation’!


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 Key themes include:

  • Leadership: Enabling change and overcoming resistance: Leadership skills you need to master today
  • Business transformation: Enterprise business transformation: Linking your processes to company strategy and value
  • Data analytics: Building more effective processes: Data analytics and business intelligence
  • Process governance: Building an integrated process governance framework that makes sense for your organization
  • Customer centric: Improving customer loyalty through operational excellence
  • Business architecture: Harnessing the power of business architecture to deliver significant economic value
  • BPM: Delivering a 21st Century Digital Business Experience with BPM
  • Collaboration: Understanding the best approach for BAs, PMs, BRMs, and EAs to Work Together
  • Agile: Delivering a 21st century business experience with operational agility
  • Improving process efficiencies: Savvy tips and tricks to get results quickly and sustainably (without large-scale lean six sigma investment)

What's new in 2017?

  • 13 new themes, 12 new tracks and 18 new workshops
  • Site visit to Taylor Farms, including a workshop with their COO
  • CPP Training Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)
  • PORTS as a PEX Sport: Each speaker must refer to their Plan, Outline, Realization, Traps and Status of the current programs
  • PEX Globe and PEX Surgery- A diagnostic consultancy session: Network with cutting edge practitioners or get consultants to review your project

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Why Attend PEX Week 2017?

The value we provide at our event lies in the timeliness of our programme topics, such as leadership, data analytics, customer centric processes, business architecture and BPM, combined with the quality and close-knit relationships with our practitioner community.

This is the world’s premier forum for the operational excellence industry. Regardless of your maturity levels, PEX Week has something for everyone!

Highlights from the 2015 Show Reel

Want to know what happens at PEX Week? Watch this short video to get a feel for the onsite experience. Over 500+ process professionals, 18+ workshops, 36+ track sessions = 1 not to be missed event. See you in January!

Customize Your Week to Your Needs

Whether you work on your organization’s operational excellence, transformation or change initiatives, our programmes have an abundance of session options.

With further specialized tracks for BPM, data analytics, customer centric analytics and a selection of workshops, you can create your own custom agenda depending on your business objectives.

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We Want your Feedback

Do you have any feedback on the 2016 agenda? Why did you or why didn’t you attend? What did we miss out of the 2016 agenda? What do you want to see more of?

Help us shape PEX Week 2017, email us with your thoughts and suggestions and help us cater the 2017 agenda to you.


Networking Shouldn’t be Difficult

That’s why our PEX Week’s App is back, and better then ever.

The PEX Week App is designed to enhance the experience of all attendees before, during and after the event, by putting the following features and information at your fingertips:

Full event schedule, personalized agenda, exhibitor listings, exclusive video content, interactive floorplan maps, social networking, speaker listings, and a whole lot more.

This is the ideal and easy-to-use tool to help promote conversations pre-event and onsite, and create long-lasting connections.

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What people said about PEX Week 2015

Driving sustainable enterprise wide transformation through OPEX

PEX Network has surveyed over 900 Operational Excellence executives to understand the most ground breaking trends facing the OPEX community. Including biggest challenges, largest investment areas, focus of OPEX departments in 2016 and what factors most contribute to success. Benchmark yourself again the industry and learn what others are doing to ensure success in 2016.

PEX Week 2016 has been created by PEX Network: the world's largest community for process professionals, with 100,000+ members. PEX Network produces some of the leading online content within the industry.